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Images courtesy of Homes & Gardens magazine.


After falling in love with the new wave of modern calligraphy she saw in the US, Imogen wanted to do it herself. As there were no workshops or people to learn from in the UK she set about researching what was going on in the US, looking at different modern calligraphers work, and at traditional copperplate script and taught herself. After practicing and experimenting for a year her work was spotted and she was asked about teaching workshops in the UK, now after teaching well over 1000 people she is at the forefront of the ever growing modern calligraphy scene here in England. 

We'll soon be launching a shop to cater for all your calligraphy needs, and selling our own range of products. 

To find out about the calligraphy services we can offer please visit here.

If you'd like to know more about our workshops and how we can bring these to you, or if you'd like a private lesson with Imogen then please see our workshops page.