Sometimes it really helps to have some time away from work, and I have a big problem with switching off, I can't do it. I REALLY can't very easily unless I go out, so fortunately being asked to house / chicken / puppy sit at a lovely friend's house was a perfect opportunity to look after myself a bit and switch off. To ensure I stopped working I had the lovely Isla Simpson (how pretty is her work!) to stay with me, which was great as sometimes hanging out with other creative people just re-energises and recharges you, makes you think about things differently and helps to you to feel inspired all over again. Which it definitely did.

Having a business means you are always on a big learning curve, and one of the most important things I've learned is that you can't do everything and sometimes it's better to take some time out, look after yourself, breathe and come back to thing with fresh (and considerably less knackered eyes)


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