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Beginners Modern Calligraphy Course - Bundle 4

Sale price£110.00

An introduction to Modern Calligraphy

This beginners modern calligraphy online course is aimed at anyone who wants to try modern calligraphy for the first time, or for anyone who wants to refresh their basic modern calligraphy skills.
So if you want to save money on your wedding and contribute to your own special day, be able to put the perfect finishing touches to a party, or just create really rather special post then this course is for you. 

This bundle includes the online course, all the kit you need to get started as well as access to the exclusive class Facebook page where you can talk about what you've learned and share pictures of your work, and be part of a calligraphy community.

The luxury kit bundle also includes our special luxury kit, so alongside your practice pad and ink you'll receive 2 x nibs, a more comfortable cork grip pen holder and our letterforms practice booklet to give you even more letterform practice help, all packaged in our beautiful handmade wooden presentation box, which is also the perfect place to store and keep all of your calligraphy kit.

In this class you will learn:

  • To set up and use basic calligraphy kit - including how to prepare nibs.
  • To start making marks using the pressure technique
  •  To create a range of basic strokes using this technique
  • How to put together your strokes and create Imogen's unique letterforms
  • How to go from creating letterforms to putting everything together to create words 
  • How to start to help your own style emerge

 At the end of the course you'll be able to work on your own quote and have lots to practice (which is great as practicing calligraphy is super mindful and relaxing and great time away from a screen)

AND...before you ask, no it doesn't matter if you are left or right handed, or if you have 'terrible' handwriting, this course is for anyone who fancies giving calligraphy a try. 

All online courses are non-refundable. 

All kits come with our house made Iron Gall Ink, clean your nib with water after use, and dry carefully to avoid rusting. Kits are intended for adults or to be used under adult supervision. Iron Gall ink contains Ferrous Sulphate - Keep out of reach of children.

Beginners Modern Calligraphy Course - Bundle 4
Beginners Modern Calligraphy Course - Bundle 4 Sale price£110.00